Azimuthal Gamma Ray Services

DrilTech’s Azimuthal Gamma Ray (DTag) Services offers
our clients access to real time borehole imaging

to facilitate quicker identification of lithology changes maximizing “in zone” exposure and
reducing lateral tortuosity. Some features and Benefits of this technology are:

  • Realtime transmission and imaging of multiple bins and provides total Gamma Ray values
  • High Memory capacity stores all 8 bins for higher resolution post run imaging.
  • Segments data at up to 300 RPM
  • 2.5:1 Front to Back ratio
  • Works seamlessly with DrilTech’s proven MWD Platform.
  • Available in all BHA sizes.
  • Increase Payzone exposure.
  • Identify transition zones quicker than standard Gamma ray.
  • Reduce doglegs and tortuosity.
  • Analyze higher resolution data for more accurate geotechnical modeling

With our Azimuthal Gamma Ray systems, we are able to provide
precise data by using standard surveys which transmit Inclination
and Azimuth values quickly and accurately.

  • Programmed to retrieve 8 bins of Azimuthal Gamma every 30 seconds
  • Raw directional sensor data stored for every pump cycle to six decimal places
  • Records high-resolution Inclination, Azimuth and DipA values to two decimal places.
  • Reduces well time by optimizing correct wellbore placement.
  • Provides accurate geosteering and real-time image capabilities while drilling

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