Mud Motor Drilling

As a leading provider of specialized downhole mud motors, Driltech
offers a variety of flexible drilling techniques to perform any job.

Our mud drilling motors are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and quick changes in
steering direction to reach the desired drilling targets. They are highly maneuverable and durable.

Mud Drilling Motors
Downhole Mud Motors

Downhole Drilling Motors

Our ever-growing fleet of mud drilling motors includes a combination of modern technology for today’s performance-driven drilling programs and proven designs for wellbores that require restricted dogleg severity and asset retrieval:

  • Mud-lubricated and oil-sealed bearing assemblies
  • Fleet of 8-, 7-, 6.5- and 5-in. motors, with access to 9.625–1.688-in. motors
  • Knuckle- and CV- type transmissions
  • Rotor and mandrel retention devices
  • Hard elastomers standard on all DrilTech-owned motors
  • Motors available for specialty applications (rotary steerable systems (RSS), short radius, high temperature/oil-based mud (HT/OBM), performance drilling)

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