Mwd And Gamma

As a Gamma technology provider, we seek to fill an increasing
need for quality measurement while drilling (MWD)
and Gamma equipment.

Driltech’s pre-run data sheet (PRDS) process guarantees the highest resolution Gamma data and stores data every
3.5 seconds for optional high-resolution memory logs, without allocating excessive bandwidth resources.

Our PRDS provides a one-stop shop for field operators to set up MWD configurations for each specific run. Once drilling parameters, bottom hole assembly (BHA) component details, and mud properties are determined for the run, the field operators inputs this data into the PRDS to determine the many variables that could result in his planned configuration.

The robust design and packaging allow for 1000 G, 0.5 mSec XY shocks and 500 G Z axis shock, while withstanding 20 GRMS constant vibrations. We can achieve 2.2 CPS per API count, which allows for high Gamma transmission resolution, even with thick-walled collars.

  • Standard and six axis surveys for Multi-Station Analysis.
  • Gravity Toolface stability allows for steering in gravity modes at Inclinations down to 2 degrees.
  • Standard qualifiers such as Temperature, Magnetic Field Strength, Dip Angle, and Voltage.
  • Telemetry method allows for survey transmission while drilling ahead and toolface update times as fast as every 6 seconds
  • Natural Gamma Ray measurements utilize high count per API unit instruments calibrated to API standards providing fine resolutions in low count beds
  • Proprietary dampening techniques maximize reliability in aggressive drilling environments.
  • Real-Time Inclination service available for tracking hole trends while drilling without having to cycle pumps for a survey.
  • Axial and Lateral shock values allow for real-time drilling optimization and dysfunction risk analysis.
  • Dynamic Sequencing options available for optimizing data transmissions when transitioning from sliding to rotating
  • Rotational Sequencing service allows for capturing surveys regardless of well-flowing conditions
  • All services feature real-time WITS M/L compliant data sharing and 24/ 7 customer support.

No matter the time of day or night,
we are there for our customers.

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