Safety in the Workplace

Not only does DrilTech's success depends on the specialized
services and products we provide, but also from the safe manner
in which each job is performed.

Production With Safety

is a policy that we value and lends a hand to strategically establishing us as a leader in the oilfield service industry. Our management team proactively supports the prevention of incidents, injuries, and occupational illness while seeking to reduce the risk of damage to the environment and property. Proactive involvement, personal accountability, and continuous improvement are expected of all management and employees to achieve these results.

Production with Safety

Safety Training

At DrilTech, safety and training are an integral part of our operation. We provide core industry and OSHA safety topics,
processes, and procedures related to our operations to ensure that our employees work in an incident-free environment.
DrilTech, in association with Landmark Safety, LLC provides standardized pre-hire and annual training and ensures
successful certifications of all employees upon completion and compliance.

This safety training instills safe work practices and skills, as well as provides employees' with the tools needed
to perform their job duties safely, which contribute to the continuation of our overall safety culture.

No matter the time of day or night,
we are there for our customers.

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