DrilTech's average Senior MWD Operator has 20 years of MWD experience and represents 65% of our field staff.
Our Operational management staff averages over 9 years of managing field operations.








Our Measurement While Drilling (MWD) System consists of the most accurate and reliable instruments available and are packaged in our proprietary probe-based housings.

Unique valve configurations, coupled with our pilot-actuated mud pulse system, provides reliable pulse decoding at extreme depths and with high levels of fibrous lost circulation materials (LCMs) frequently used in today’s market.

Versatility and reliability are key features of our MWD system packaging. These systems allow complete retrievability and reinsert ability while allowing for capturing and active dampening on all axes to maximize reliability in the harshest drilling environments.

Measurement while drilling reliability


All directional sensor packages are rated to 175⁰ C (347⁰ F) and are designed and packaged to withstand 1000 G 0.5 mSec shock severity. Extremely stable gravity toolface (Gfta) measurements accommodate accurate inclinations as low as 2 degrees.


Our team of experienced managers, technicians, and field operators are committed to providing the highest level of support and service, every day of the year. We offer an open line of communication to our customers who can count on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MWD Reliability

MWD Features and Capabilities

Real Time Shock and Vibration

Patent Pending Active Shock Supression

Advanced Decoding Systems


Azm Gamma

Dynamic Sequencing

Memory Logs

Remote Monitoring

PWD and Resistivity Services Available

Real-Time Data

“All transmitted MWD Data is available Real-Time to your EDR system via our WITS M/L compliant equipment. Local and remote access allows users to

easily retrieve accurate data in a system that is easy to use and manage. The system is also setup to perform database recoveries, import/export and email data.

MWD Accuracy

DrilTech’s equipment and methods allow us to obtain survey data while drilling ahead immediately after a connection is made and pumps are cycled on. As soon as pumps are on we can tag bottom and drill ahead while the survey data is being decoded under most applications.

This technique effectively reduces off bottom time to actual time needed to make the next connection under most circumstances. This method can potentially reduce total time waiting on surveys by 10-20 hours for a typical lateral well.

on the Fly

Measurement while drilling

Dynamic Sequencing

Dynamic sequencing enables faster drilling by switching from providing tool faces while sliding to more gamma, continuous inclination, and shock and vibe data while rotating.

It also allows us to take surveys in lost circulation zones by using rotary detection methods.


Downlinking allows us to maximize bits/sec transmitted with the flexibility to adjust in the event noise from pumps, agitator, pump, or other drilling noise makes decoding more difficult. All this can be done in a couple of minutes, without the need to pull out of the hole to reprogram the tool


OD Tool 1 7/8 inches
OD Finns 2.0 - 3.25 inches
Length 20 - 28 feet
Weight 120 - 200 lbm
Telemetry Type Positive Mud Pulse
Pulse Width 0.25 -1.5 seconds
Retrievable 2 1/4” Min. ID
Reinsertable 2 1/4” Min. ID

Operating Parameters

Max Temperature (static) 302, 320, 347 F
Max Pressure 20,000 psi
Flow Range 4 3/4" - 8" Tools 125 - 850 GPM (NMDC dependent)
Max Shock, Z axis, recorded, (59 g peak recorded) 55 g's (50 events) 50 g's (500 events)
40 g's (50,000 events) 30 g's (500,000 events)
Vibration XY RMS, (15 g peak recorded) 12 g (4 hour max), 9 g (40 hour max), 6 g (400 hour max)
Max Fluid Velocity (@tool OD) 40 feet/sec
Battery Life 350 - 800 Circ. Hours
Max Sand / Solids Content 0.5% / 20% % Wt.
LCM, well mixed (Fibrous - Med Nutplug) 30 - 55 lbm/bbl
Pulsation Dampener 40 %SPP
Pressure Drop Variable appx. 28 psi / 100gpm

Accuracies And Repeatability

Accuracies Instrument Repeatability Nominal Resolution Unit
Inclination 0.2 0.1 0.1 + or - degrees
Azimuth (> 2.0 Inclination, no magnetic interference) 0.25 - 1.0 0.25 - 1.0 0.1 + or - degrees
toolface 0.5 0.5 5.5 - 11 + or - degrees
Gamma 0.5 0.5 1.75 - 4.0 counts per second

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